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Stylish Modern Kitchen

The art of bespoke.

Sustainable, functional and beautiful furniture for your home or business direct from the manufacturer

Made in Britian

Sustainably sourced

Since 1980

Bespoke furniture crafted traditionally in Wembley, London.

At Clearview Joinery, our approach to furniture design and craftsmanship involves utilising traditional techniques to create bespoke furniture that perfectly reflects the unique taste and lifestyle of each client.


We take great pride in understanding our clients' needs and preferences, whether it's a bespoke kitchen, wardrobe or commercial property, we bring a bespoke touch to every project we undertake.


Our attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality guarantee that each piece is of the highest standard and is built to last for generations. 


Our Services

Luxurious Kitchen

Bespoke fitted

Custom-made cabinetry to meet your specific needs and preferences, allowing for a unique and personalized space. 

Spray painting and lacquering

Staining, Painting and lacquering

We offer a range of premium spray finishes, including wood painting and polishing, glass and metal painting, clear and tinted lacquering, veneer, and solid timber finishes.

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Breathe new life into your kitchen, adding elegance, creativity, and beauty without the hefty price tag of a complete renovation. Our made-to-measure doors ensure a perfect fit for your existing units.

Why choose us

Tailored Craftsmanship, in-house installation team

Our skilled joiners create furniture that resonates with your individuality, turning your vision into reality.

Premium Quality & Sustainability

Experience exceptional furniture that stands the test of time while contributing to a greener planet.

Empowering Lives

Our dedication to local craftsmanship not only beautifies homes but also supports community growth.

Comprehensive Range

From custom kitchen cabinets to luxurious bedroom pieces, we offer diverse options to suit your style.

Expert Guidance

Our team of experts ensures that your unique preferences are brought to life in every piece.


Working With the Best

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