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Discover Cut and Edge: State-of-the-Art Wood Cutting and Edging Services in London

Experience precision and quality with our advanced technology and CNC panel cutting and edging machinery. Conveniently located near A40, M1, and M25, our modern cutting service offers tailored wood panels.

Diverse Panel Sheet Materials: Premium Cut-to-Size Boards from Renowned Suppliers

Choose from a diverse range of panel sheet materials including laminate, high gloss, lacquered, acrylic, plain MDF, and melamine panels MFC. We collaborate with renowned suppliers like Kronospan, XyloCleaf, Alvic, and Egger to provide cut-to-size boards. Our stock includes popular colors of melamine faced chipboard, ensuring fast delivery.

Accurate Labeling and Precision Finishing: Custom Cut-to-Size Panels with Versatile CNC Drilling

To assist in furniture assembly, each panel is labeled with its cutting size. MFC cut-to-size boards and MDF cut-to-size panels are finished with precise edgebanding, capable of handling thicknesses up to 54mm. Our CNC drilling service offers versatile options such as drilling, grooving, and cutouts.

Streamlined Ordering and Fast Delivery: Custom MDF Cutting and Melamine Boards for the trade

Simplify the ordering process with our automated system, saving time and minimizing errors. Enjoy swift delivery for MDF cutting services and melamine boards cut to size.  We cater to a diverse clientele, including professional carpenters, shopfitters, bespoke furniture manufacturers, property developers, and interior designers. Our expert team is dedicated to meeting every customer's unique requirements.

We can get it
Whatever the finish

Kronospan, XyloCleaf, Alvic, and Egger — all we need is the name or code.

MDF board cutting service.

MDF, the top choice for builders and furniture makers, offers unmatched versatility. From wall panelling to furniture carcasses, doors, and structural elements, MDF is widely used in the industry. We supply a wide range of MDF sheets, available in thicknesses from 3 to 50mm.

Choose from renowned brands like Medite, Finsa, and Spanolux, each offering unique properties to meet your project requirements. Find out more about our MDF boards and cutting services by clicking the link below.


MFC cutting service.

Melamine-faced chipboard (MFC) offers an array of captivating designs, textures, and finishes, making it the perfect choice for decorative furniture. 

Our cutting-edge saws, equipped with double-blade technology, guarantee smooth and virtually chip-free cuts. We prioritize quality by changing saw blades multiple times a day, ensuring exceptional results with every board.

Choose from a range of melamine boards, available in thicknesses from 8 to 38mm, and have them expertly cut to your specifications in just a few days.

Discover the Leading Brands of Cuttable Decorative Boards

Discover a Selection of Highly Popular and Coveted Decorative Board Brands for Cutting Services. Keep in mind that our selection also includes several other exceptional companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of boards do we offer cutting services for:
Our cutting services encompass MDF, MFC (melamine-faced chipboard), and plywood.

What is the minimum width for panels that we can cut:

Our cutting services can accommodate panel widths as small as 30mm.

What is the maximum thickness of boards that we can cut?

Our selection includes 50mm MDF, which is the thickest board we offer for sale and cutting.

How precise is the accuracy of our cutting service?

Our board cutting tolerance is 0.5mm.

What will be the course of action if a panel is cut to an incorrect size?
In the event of an error, we will rectify it promptly and at no additional cost within 48 hours.

Can I keep any offcuts?
Yes, just let one of the team know.

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