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Spray painting

Discover Clearview Joinery's Spray Painting and Lacquering Service: Impeccable Finishes with Unbeatable Convenience.

Are you seeking a flawless factory spray finish for your panels? Look no further! At Clearview Joinery, we offer a system that allows you to customize your spray coating options. Choose from three types: white primer, clear lacquer, or any color paint. 

Our Commitment to Impeccable Finishes
Using our state-of-the-art pressurized spray booth or automated spray-coating line, we achieve exceptional results every time. Each panel undergoes meticulous sanding between coats to ensure a flawless outcome. To safeguard against transportation damages, we individually wrap every finished panel in protective craft paper.

Endless Color Possibilities
Clearview Joinery proudly works with high-quality PU paint and lacquers. We offer color-matching services to any RAL color or shades from renowned paint brands like Farrow & Ball, Zoffany, and more. Tailor your panels to your exact preferences, selecting either a matte or satin level of sheen.


We can match it
Whatever the colour

RAL, NCS, Pantone, Farrow & Ball, Zoffany, Dulux or any other well-known paint system or brand colour — all we need is the name.

When hand painting
White primer

Why waste valuable time priming on-site when you can leave it to us? Let Clearview Joinery handle the priming for you, ensuring your surfaces are perfectly primed and ready for a flawless top coat. 

Kitchen Interior

Perfectly Polished Appearance.
Solid colour paint

For a flawless, factory-like appearance, color paint is the ideal choice. Choose from a matte or satin PU finish to achieve your desired look.

Embrace Your Passion for Wood
Clear lacquer

Enhance and Protect Wood's Natural Beauty with Clear Lacquer Coating. Choose between a matte or satin PU finish for a stunning result.

Wooden Surface

Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Time:
Once you place an order, we will provide an exact time estimate. Typically, our lead time ranges from 7 to 14 working days.

Panel Spraying:
Please note that we only spray panels cut in our factory. We do not process panels brought in by customers.

Labeling of Sprayed Panels:
Unfortunately, we do not label sprayed panels. However, every spray job comes with a downloadable spec sheet for reference.

Spraying of Edges:
We exclusively spray edges that have been edgebanded. Any exposed edges will remain unfinished. Additionally, our spray painted edges undergo machining with a small radius to prevent paint chipping.

Spraying of Grooved or Profiled Panels:
While we can spray profiled panels or those with grooves and perforations, a standard rate price will not apply. Each panel will be priced individually in such cases.

Spraying Procedure:
Our spraying procedure involves sanding the panel first. We then apply a coat of primer, consisting of three wet-on-wet layers. After drying, the panel is sanded again before applying a top coat of paint or lacquer, also with three wet-on-wet layers. Finally, for protection, we wrap the panel in craft paper.

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